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Top Reasons You Need to Try on Jeans

We get it – it’s hard to get out shopping sometimes. And maybe going onto the web to order a pair or two of jeans you may have fit in before seems like an easier plan. But, in the end, have you really saved yourself time and the frustration? Nope. Here’s why:

  1. Women’s sizing is NOT regulated. We’re curvy creatures with waists, hips and thighs. Guys really got it easy since all their sizing is based on the parts of them that need to be a certain length or width. Not so with our sizing. One brand’s size 8 is another brand’s size 10 and ANOTHER brand’s size 6.
  2. Not all denim stretches the same. Each brand is known for how they look and feel – some are super stretchy and will stretch out a full size, while other’s may be stiffer and thicker, and only stretch out 1/4 of a size.
  3. Length. Brands choose the inseams based on their research on what lengths sell for them. Some brands make varying lengths – making it easier to fit a long, leggy gal or a petite lady. NOT ALL DO! That’s why we offer free hemming with the original bottom.
  4. It may be the same fit, but not the same fabric. Ever found a great fit from a brand you really like? Me, too. And often that fit works on a regular basis. BUT – same fit does not mean same fabric. I’ve had women try two of the same exact fit in the same style and not fit into both the same way. Why? One may have 98% cotton while the other only has 72%. Makes a big difference in how it stretches when you put it on.

So, let us figure these things out for you. When you come in for a fitting, we ask all the questions so we can pull jeans we think will fit best on you. We’ll tell you how they stretch, we’ll shorten them to the exact spot you want them. If you come in with an open mind and in the mood to try jeans on, we can help you find your new favorite pair of jeans!