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Liverpool Jeans


About the company ...

Liverpool Jeans was founded by 30 year fashion industry veterans, Ron and Jill Perilman. Ron, owned and operated successful apparel brands such as City Girl and co-operated NYDJ. Jill was CEO of Denimhead, a widely subscribed denim service which provided new innovations and trends in the denim world. They came together with the mission to design jeans with the latest technology for all ages and demographics at the best value.

The Liverpool Mission Statement ...

"Our mission is to continue to develop jeans that create solutions in your life which enhances your confidence and radiance with every step you take!"

Izzy's Notes about Liverpool ...

  • Jen loves how comfortable Liverpool feels all day long - from the shop, to the hockey rink, and then to running errands. At the end of a busy day, their jeans still feel great!

  • Libby loves Liverpool’s new more modern Hugger fit since it eliminates that pesky gap in the back of her jeans. Not to mention their skinnies taper at the calf so they easily slide into her favorite fall boots.



Video: Making Your Mark ...

Some Liverpool Info ... ...


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