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Style Tips

5 Tips for trying on Denim


It’s officially Denim season! Here at Izzy’s, Fall means new jeans and we’re here to help you find them. We’ve put together our tips for buying denim. Don’t push yourself through trying on a lot of jeans since it leads to frustration (and sometimes tears!). When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, step back and try…

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Transitional layering with our favorite pieces

Although we really want to believe it – winter is not over. Sure it’s 60 out and the snow piles are quickly melting this week, but we have to come to terms – we have a few more weeks where the temps could drop and we’re back in a snw tundra. I know, I’m a…

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Fit to be Flared

There I was, sitting in front of our static-y cabinet TV, watching Charlie’s Angels.  I was young and impressionable. And nothing impressed me more than the jeans those funky ladies wore while fighting crime. Flares don’t get the love they deserve. Sure, they remind us of a time long ago, where the waists were high…

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Go Pats!

We’ve got our Super Bowl LI outfit with a patriotic Rails Hunter button down and Levi’s 501s! Good Luck to the greatest team – Go Pats!

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Finding her first pair of Izzy’s jeans

Many of our customers bring their children into our shop – we love watching these kids grow! As moms know, finding the right fit for THEMSELVES can be stressful. So it’s always our pleasure to help the next generation find their FIRST favorite pair of jeans. With a custom fitting, we can help identify what styles…

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Skinnies – the perfect jean for any shoe!

New England winters feel like a long visit from distant relatives. Nothing like Aunt Joanie making her annual camp out in your house with her 12-year-old weiner dog, George, who just can’t seem to “hold it” like he used to. Because you never know what Mother Nature is going to throw our way, skinnies are…

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Never "Too Old" for Jeans

I truly enjoy the conversations I have with my customers.  It’s not always about clothing, sometimes it’s about our kids’ hockey games and graduations,  or music (our eclectic Pandora channel is definitely cause for many convos). When we talk “shop,” it’s a great way to answer questions about fit, style, stretch and comfort. A wonderful…

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Tight never felt so good!

No one wants to feel like a Thanksgiving Turducken (yes, it’s a chicken, stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey…but I digress). But when it comes to  Lysse leggings, tight means it’s right. Lysse leggings are critically acclaimed and well loved by celebrities of all ages. And I quote – ” (Lysse) invented patent pending fabrics that…

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To the Maxi

With Summer drawing near, I find myself gravitating to the light and flowing fabrics made just for hot and humid weather.  Cottony goodness that slips over your head and curls around your body. Breathable clouds of color that allow your legs to effortlessly stroll with as much air flow as possible. The maxi dress.  It comes…

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