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5 Tips for trying on Denim


It's officially Denim season! Here at Izzy's, Fall means new jeans and we're here to help you find them. We've put together our tips for buying denim.

Don’t push yourself through trying on a lot of jeans since it leads to frustration (and sometimes tears!). When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, step back and try again another time. There’s no use in stressing yourself over something you should be comfortable in. You will not want to wear a pair of jeans you bought only because you had to buy SOMETHING.

Women’s sizing is not consistent - just because one brand fits a certain way does not mean you will be the same size in another brand. It’s just a number, so go by how you feel in them and not what digit they sewed on the tag.

Jeans Denim
Jeans Denim

Don’t box yourself into one specific style - the color, or the stitching, or what’s on the pocket (or isn’t). If you go in with the idea of exactly what the jeans SHOULD look like, you may find yourself disappointed when you don’t like the way that style look on you.

Women often buy their jeans based on how comfortable they feel at that very moment they put them on without realizing that they will stretch. In many cases, the jeans should be the tightest they can be without feeling uncomfortable.

Bring a pair of shoes with you. Pick a pair that has the right heel height so you can see how long you really need them to be. The correct length is everything when it comes to jeans - and the right tailor will reattach the original hem.