New Year’s Resolution!

We’ve all made it to another year – congratulations to everyone for getting through the holidays!


The New Year always comes with a little anxiety. What will 2015 bring for us, as individuals, for our family and friends, and for the world?  Will I keep the resolution I make every year for the first time?!?! Will this year be better?


I used to make resolutions every year, but I think this year I want to make a wish.  I want to wish for everyone to feel good about themselves. Whether it be about your body, your relationships, career, or how you treat others – I wish this for everyone, and for myself, as well.


Feeling good about yourself is so important for life to go a little more smoothly. We can’t control everything in our lives (believe me, I have kids!), but keeping this small kindness for yourself can make the difference at the end of the day.


This year, I am looking forward to so many new experiences for the shop.  My first trip to a major apparel show in New York, my first Spring as the weather warms and we get new jeans, dresses, tops, and more.  We’ve already ordered Alternative, Lysse, Miss Me, Tractr, and Level 99. And we are adding new lines this season. Look out for Groceries, an organic cotton brand with flowing maxis, tops and dresses, as well as Yumi, a gorgeous line with beautiful prints and colors.


Good luck with the resolutions this year, and I hope 2015 is a fantastic year for all of you.

Holiday Wardrobe Help at Izzy’s

Many times we have customers come into the shop looking for outfits for special occasions – a first date, a night out with the girls, an Anniversary dinner, a concert. The need for outfit help becomes urgent during the holidays. There are so many festivities happening this time of year, and many times you just don’t want to wear the same outfit to multiple parties.


At Izzy’s, we love when our customers look to us for styling help during the holidays. And when they walk out with THE outfit for their party, it’s a little holiday present for us, as well.


We have so many different styles here at Izzy’s. We have jeans to dress up with – dark washes in all styles, black in skinny and bootcut, and we just got in the coolest grey coated skinny jeans from Level 99 that are to die for! Pair them with a cozy Wooden Ships sweater and Italca scarf for a perfect holiday house party outfit. And nothing says New Year’s Eve like a pair of dark bootcut jeans with our Fate sleeveless cowlneck top (in wine, purple, or black!) and our Kut moto jacket. Add some Frye booties and you will ring in the New Year with style! Give us a visit to put together your holiday looks!

Holiday Shopping Help

Wooden Ships Sweaters Just Arrived at Izzy’s

Wooden Ships Sweaters are here!


We’ve received a new batch of sweaters from Wooden Ships this weekend and we are obsessed!  Cardigans, pullovers, cowls, boyfriend, and ponchos are all ready for gifts for yourself and the wonderful ladies in your life! So soft and cozy, they’re great for Holiday parties or to just snuggle up in during the coming winter storms.


Come on it and check them out!

Wooden Ships Sweaters

Wooden Ships Sweaters

Wooden Ships Sweaters

Some Shopping Observations by Jen

The Izzy's Scarf Table


“Well, you HAVE to tell me I look good …”


As the new owner of a women’s boutique specializing in denim, I have made a few observations during the past 4 months while working closely with the lovely ladies who enter my shop.


Observation #1: Purchasing jeans is a very personal and sometimes stressful undertaking for women of all shapes and sizes.


Observation #2: Women are their own worst critics – again, all sizes!


Observation #3: My customers tend to believe I have to tell them they look good in what they try on in my shop.


Before becoming Izzy’s owner, I was working in the fashion/style field as an image consultant. Although I’m not as harsh a critic as Clinton and Stacey from What Not to Wear, I am VERY honest about the clothing my clients try on and what they have hanging out in their closet.


So, it’s not surprising to hear me say – “Let’s try something else,” or “No – that’s just not working.”  You’ll also hear me tell customers that I want them to leave with fantastic clothing that they feel as good about as they look in. If I tell you that a pair of jeans looks great on you, please trust I am coming from a consultant’s view as well as a shop owner’s.


I understand why buying jeans can be a stressful experience. There are so many styles, fits, washes… it can be overwhelming! And not every fit is made for every body type. If neither one of us feels positive about a pair of jeans, I’m going to recommend another pair- because I want to find the right ones. And because I love to hear when a customer tells me they get great comments on their jeans and always tell their friends – “I got them at Izzy’s!”


It has always been Izzy’s goal to help de-stress the jeans process and work to find a special pair for each special woman. Both Leigh and Libby have been excellent resources for me because they have spent so many years working towards that exact goal, and with great success.  And I feel very confident that I can continue to carry that denim torch.


We have a great variety of jeans in stock for the holidays.  Great brands, like Level 99, William Rast, Tractr, and Silver. Great styles, washes, and colors. And I want to help you find the right jeans for you – so you feel confident rocking them this season! :)

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Use it wisely.

Izzy’s is a Shoptique Store

Some very exciting news … Izzy’s is now on We only have a few items in that store right now … but we’ll be adding : )

To check us out, Click Here.



Izzy’s Helps You Get Ready for a Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween in Andover Ma

Don’t be Charlie this Halloween … Take 15% off your entire purchase!

Tomorrow, October 24th – Saturday, October 25th

Our NEW Wooden Ships Accessories will keep you cozy (especially during those chilly Halloween festivities)!

So stop by and check out our new arrivals from Level 99 Jeans, Frye Boots, and MORE!!!

To Capri or NOT to Capri … that is the question

“To Capri or NOT to Capri … that is the question …”

Capri Pants ... Love Your Ankles.

ANSWER …  let your ankles tell you what you should do.

Do you love them? Let the world see how fabulous they are! Did you inherit your great aunt so-and-so’s tree trunks?

I’m very sorry. There IS a length that works on almost every lady though … it’s abut finding the one that’s right for YOU.

At Izzy’s, we can custom tailor any jean into a Capri, since we put the original bottom on for free! We also have all new Capri lengths in stock right now, for those of you who can shop “off the rack.”

Either way – your ankles have options. Exercise their right to choose!

Until next time … Leigh