Miss Me Jeans Just In

Izzy’s just got in a huge order of Miss Me jeans … you’ll love them!

Miss Me Jeans

To Capri or NOT to Capri … that is the question

“To Capri or NOT to Capri … that is the question …”

Capri Pants ... Love Your Ankles.

ANSWER …  let your ankles tell you what you should do.

Do you love them? Let the world see how fabulous they are! Did you inherit your great aunt so-and-so’s tree trunks?

I’m very sorry. There IS a length that works on almost every lady though … it’s abut finding the one that’s right for YOU.

At Izzy’s, we can custom tailor any jean into a Capri, since we put the original bottom on for free! We also have all new Capri lengths in stock right now, for those of you who can shop “off the rack.”

Either way – your ankles have options. Exercise their right to choose!

Until next time … Leigh

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